Monday, March 21, 2011

Yedho Ninaivugal

It’s twilight in your hometown, the whole place glows with the unique orange wash of the sun. Neighbours are chattering over the wall about kerosene prices and gas hikes. The lady who brings fresh flowers door to door is at the door, measuring the garland with her forearm. The fragrance of the flowers blends with the breath of the night queen by the wall. Lights come on slowly and your friend, who had come to visit you, is leaving to go home, wash his face and do homework. You are about to do the same, feeling the fresh, cold water on your face as someone switches on the radio for the 7 o clock news, and the song comes on, you catch the song from the second stanza. You’ll have to wait till the next time they play it, maybe you can hear the full version. Meanwhile, there’s English II paper to master.

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