Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Island of Souls

You are sitting by the sea waiting for no one in particular watching the sun slip beyond the edge of the sea, like an oversized orange out of a child’s hand. Gentle waves wash against the shore, carrying the smell of the city while a lone bird returns to its home. The splashing sounds of the sea synchronize with the waves crashing in the song, making you sway to the rhythmic ebb and tide of the song, aware of a strange sense of calm as the song ends. Time for the first drink of the night.

1 comment:

  1. You're coming back home on route 84, after having knocked off work early and wandered around, coming waterwards from Nariman Point, along Marine Drive, right towards Churchgate, catching, as the bus you board takes you home, a waft of the inimitable Bombay smell - a mix of pav bhaji, low tide, ganne ka ras and train exhaust. You get off at Hinduja Hospital and trudge the last steps home, and right about when you get to Cafe Cadell, this song comes on, seeing you through the rest of the walk home.