Thursday, March 24, 2011

Uravugal thodarkadhai

You heard it for the first time at the concert given by the singer of the song. You remember it distinctly as not many popular artistes come to your town. This was a first. You are there with a bunch of people, your family members, neighbours and friends. The singer, known for punctuality, enters the stage exactly at 6 pm. Clad in white like his orchestra members, he sings a lot of popular hits. And he ends the show with this mesmerizing song which captivates you completely. You’ll hear it again while getting off a bus, as it comes from a radio at a bakery. And much later, years later, you’ll understand the brilliance of the composition.


  1. What a piece! The violin and flute, the vocals, such beautiful interplay.

  2. Mesmerising composition! This kind of progression is possible only by the Maestro.