Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Naan thedum sevvandhi poovidhu

After you heard it for the first time on your radio on the programme where they played the recent releases, you remember hearing it on a bus, on the way to a nearby town. They played songs on buses those days. There are a few passenger on this morning you notice as the bus pulls off. Once it clears the city limits, the road becomes smoother as does the ride. As the bus picks up speed, you edge closer to the window and feel the ‘frapatapa’ of the breeze against the rolled up shutters and feel its invigorating quality as it whips by your face. Green fields on either side slip by, kids in shabby clothes wave at the bus, farmers are plowing the land with bulls, there is a bore-well from which comes a thick tube of water. A sense of child-like happiness spreads inside as you move back to the middle of the long seat, and the song comes on the speakers of the bus. You sit back and enjoy the passing scenery and the song that will soon end. But it’s now that counts.

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