Friday, April 8, 2011


It’ll always be a morning song. There’s an ‘everything-will-be-all right’ feel to it even though the lyrics suggest otherwise. A strange mix of cheerful tune and down-in-the-dumps lyrics. It’s probably the sax, you think, noticing how you’ve never heard the sax dominate a song as much as it does in this one. The morning traffic is busy. People from cars next to you are on the phone or talking to their kids in the backseat. The kids look out at the window, indifferent. A motorbike guy with his helmet-covered face slips in the gap between you and the car next, looking at you through his visor. You don’t know what he is looking at, or if it’s even a he, as you’ve seen women ride Harley’s in these parts. You look around and see cars with stuffed animals peeping out from the rear windshield. A taxi with a soccer club scarf logo you don’t like is on the left. Light changes to green and your contemplation stops, but the song continues.

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