Friday, April 15, 2011

Kuliradhunnu maanathu – Olangal

The day you went to see this seems a bit vague now, was it an early June morning that you cut class from college or a cold December morning? But you remember very clearly that you didn’t cut class as much as you acted on a tip from reliable sources that there was going to be a strike that day and you saw no point going all the way only to come back one hour later. So you decide to use the bus fare to see a movie. After making sure there are no known faces that might report you to your family, you quickly buy tickets with your friends and enter the welcoming darkness of the cinema hall, which isn’t all that crowded on this weekday morning. No popcorn, no money for that, but there’s enough for a cup of coffee during interval.
You like the movie, it’s like a vernacular poem. It’s shot well. But what you remember most are the 3 beautiful songs that will remain with you long after the movie has finished its short run. And when you come out in the noon sun after the movie, you see your classmate come back from college saying there was a strike. Money well spent.

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