Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For a few dollars more

It’s past nine o clock and you and your friends feel like watching a movie. You are on a nice high and you don’t want to drink more. Mainly because you are running out of cash not because of aversion to the booze. You have enough to watch a movie though as movie tickets are not that expensive. You wonder which one’s running and, after rejecting all the movies on various accounts, someone says For a Few dollars More is showing at a cinema close-by. You don’t need to ask around for confirmation for this is one movie you won’t stop watching just because you’ve seen it enough times already. You sit in the semi-dark hall waiting for the movie to start. And when it does, the familiar tune from the speakers is drowned in whistles and applause. You sit back whistling along, and notice how the tune raises the energy level in the hall. Everyone seems to be on horseback leaving a trail of dust.

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