Tuesday, May 10, 2011


You are sitting outside your house talking with your friends and family when your cousin drops by and says in the course of conversation about a new movie he saw which has this superb song. You will see it later but it’s appealing even when he sings the first few bars. You go to the movie for the 9 pm show with your family and you like all the songs. And you’ll hear this again, when you and a friend take shelter from a sudden spurt of summer rain that lasts a good half hour, under the awning of a sweet stall. The smell of fresh earth, the rain sodden clothes of strangers, mixes with the unique aroma of a restaurant renowned for idli and sambar. While you watch the rain pouring down off the awning, looking at how quickly it clears the road of traffic, you hear this song coming from the speakers at the exhibition a few hundred metres away. Seems perfect.

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