Monday, May 23, 2011

Mustang Sally

It’s Sunday morning, which means you are working off the Saturday night hangover by merely staying in bed as long as you can. The coffee made by one of the flat mates in next to the pillow, getting cold with layer of thick milk on it. You hate coffee on a hungover morning as a cup of tea is always lighter on the system. But late risers can’t be choosers. You look around and almost everyone is in bed, in various stages of waking up. The early riser is putting a cassette in the boombox, it’s the usual play list. Always the blues. Sunday morning blues. You wake up, drink the lukewarm brown liquid, and someone has brought the Sunday morning paper, and starts reading the headlines, sports page and ‘This week for you.’ It’s been the same for a while but still you want to know what the stars hold for you the coming week. With Mustang Sally coming on at number 3, it seems like it’ll be a decent week.

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