Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kanchi re

It’s a Sunday morning, and the school holidays have started. You are in your 4th standard or primary school years. Your school is a 10 minute walk, actually you can see it from the terrace of your house. Yours was the only house with a terrace in the neighbourhood. There was freedom in the air along with the fragrance of summer. The mornings especially were beautiful as were the evenings. Today was especially breezy and nice. Your cousins had come over for the weekend visit. They used to live next door before your family moved house and came here. All houses have stories and this one did too but you wouldn’t learn about it till you were all grown up and working, years later. But now it was a beautiful Sunday after school with your cousins. The cousin sister was more your age so you talk about this and that, telling her what a tough time awaits in the form of new mathematics when she would be promoted to the class you just got promoted from. You talk about the songs you’ve heard and like. She sings this song, which sounds very nice. You’ll hear it again on the radio later.

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